about us


Eka Design was conceived following a trip to Madagascar. This experience was to become the start of a new professional era for us. The goal of the trip was to collaborate in designing and developing the website of the NGO Agua de Coco.

The word Eka comes from the Malgache language that can be translated to “sure!” and with which we want to transmit a positive vibe. Eka sums up our history as well as our company philosophy.

Josep Rius, Yosip Sverko
Founding Members


At Eka Design we believe that one of our main strengths is human touch. We are committed to offer solutions that are adjusted to your needs. For us each client is unique and because of this we put our all into what we do so as to offer a personalised service

Our methodology is to listen and analyse in order to advise and decide on the adequate strategies to meet your needs and reach your goals.

We give our clients professionalism, experience and broad knowledge of the latest technologies in the market to optimise your resources, from the realisation of tailor-made projects to the implementation and customisation of existing tools.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As business owners, we try to support nonprofit institutions. We believe that their social work is of highly important to the development of a more ethical, solidary and equal society..

Because of this we actively collaborate with NGOs such as Agua de Coco and Psycologists without borders (Valencia) we give technological support in our area of service in order to help them spread their messages and activities to a greater number of people.